Minutes of HFRA Annual General Meeting 2002 - Saturday 27 April 2002

RA Delegates Present: M. Allende - Broadwater Farm RA, N17; Cathy Heman and Pat Costa - Bowes Park Community Association, N22; G. Bignell - Thetford Close RA, N13; Steve Cook - Woodstock Road Association, N4; Mike Towerzey and Chris -The Sandlings RA, N22; Vivienne Cuming and Simon Fedida - Avenue Gardens RA, N22; Beverley Barratt and Dave Morris - Tower Gardens Residents Network, N17; Margaret Sear - Woodlands Park RA, N15; John Catling and Benjamin Alin - Northumberland Park Independent RA, N17; Others present: Sean Wallis (Haringey Defend Council Housing), Peter Hudd (LBH Residents Participation Team), Ernie Money (Conservative candidate for Bounds Green). Tim Wilmott (Bruce Grove South RA, N17, in formation) and Zak Johri (Beaconsfield Rd, N15) arrived as the meeting ended. Apologies: Bounds Green District RA, N11 (Barry James); Hillcrest T&RA, N6 (Pamela Furze); Plevna Crescent RA, N15 (Randolf Flatts); Bracknell Close and Winkfield RA, N22 (Angie Buzzacott); Campbell Court RA, N17 (Gwen Owens); Edgecote Grove RA, N15 (Yvonne Denny); Imperial Wharf RA, N15 (Evelyn Gibson); Linden Road Home Zone, N15 (Annie McMullen); Palace Gates RA, N22 (Jimmy Athanassiou); Palace View RA, N8 (Val paley); Rookfield RA, N10 (David Frith); South Hornsey RA, N4 (Rosemary McCartan); Gardens RA, N4 (Andy Newman); Commerce Road R&TA, N22 (Carole); Parkside Malvern RA, N8 (Laurie Owen); Roden Court RA, N6 (Bal Khela); Coppetts RA, N10 (Ruth Moulton) .... and John Fynaut, Grasmere Rd, N10 who’s trying to set up an RA.

Chair: Mike Towerzey Minutes: Dave Morris

1. Introductions There were introductions and apologies, and some brief local reports.

2. Secretary’s report Local residents associations had set up the Federation in April and May 2001. There had since been monthly meetings which 22 RAs have so far attended, followed by informative monthly mailings (including Newsletters) to all RAs and local contacts. There is now an increasingly effective and accountable system for encouraging communication and cooperation among RAs, for spreading information, and for discussing matters of importance to local communities.

HFRA has begun to identify and work on key issues, and to achieve wider publicity. The Federation has compiled a comprehensive database of local residents and tenants organisations, and begun a reference library for RAs. The HFRA have yet to receive any funds, and have been pleased to get recent practical support from Voluntary Action Haringey.

It was clear that the Federation has made a good start, and that any process of building a strong and representative residents organisation from scratch takes time and effort. But there is also much greater potential for involvement, coordination and cooperation among RAs in Haringey in the coming 12 months.

3. HFRA Constitution A draft Constitution, proposed and discussed at previous HFRA meetings had been widely circulated to all RAs for discussion and amendment. It had also been submitted to LBH for advice and comment. It incorporated the HFRA Working Guidelines which had been agreed at the well-attended September 2001 HFRA General Meeting, taking on board formalities mooted since then. It was submitted to the AGM by Simon Fedida. The meeting decided to scrutinise the draft line by line. After a great deal of discussion, numerous amendments were made and a final version agreed.

4. Election of Officers

Chair Mike Towerzey (of the Sandlings RA) was proposed by Broadwater Farm RA. Elected nem con.

Secretary Dave Morris (of Tower Gardens RN) was proposed by Tower Gardens RN. Elected nem con.

Treasurer Simon Fedida (Avenue Gardens RA) was proposed by Avenue Gardens RA. Elected nem con.

Bank Signatories Pat Costa (Bowes Park CA), Simon Fedida, Steve Cook (Woodstock Rd RA) and Dave Morris were all elected to be signatories of the new bank account.

Mailing List/Membership Secretary Simon Fedida was also elected to manage the mailing/membership list.