Memo to Residents Associations

At the Federation meeting on 13th January 2009, attended by 13 associations, we discussed the fact that more and more local RAs in all corners of Haringey are getting their own community noticeboards which they run themselves. Also, most of the Friends of Parks groups also manage the noticeboards in their local park. By residents groups managing their own noticeboards they are ensuring that the information will be local, relevant, up to date and hopefully empowering and inspiring!

However, some RAs are not aware of this opportunity, and how to go about running their own one.


So, if you've not got a noticeboard yet, or there is one in your area which your RA doesn't yet have the keys for, why not start making enquiries?!

One source of funding for this is the area assembly 'Making A Difference' fund. If you get funding from them its quite a large and practical board. They also install it for you after you have decided where you want it (if its a sensible place which they can agree to).


For the area assembly noticeboards, Neighbourhood Management want your RA to make an Agreement with them about the criteria for its use. A recent Agreement is enclosed below. It was drawn up by Neighbourhood Management following negotiations with a number of local groups over the last few years. It is pretty sensible, and should be acceptable to a local group. Then your RA can elect a couple of keyholders to manage and update the board on behalf of your association. Any issues can be brought up at one of your meetings.

The Council should accept that its YOUR board and should be seen by residents to be their OWN board. Once that's agreed the only stuff the Council would tend to put up there themselves, if at all, would generally be the local Area Assembly details (pref A4 size only).

Of course you could always fundraise for your own noticeboard, but would need permission for it to be installed on the street or on the side wall / front garden of someone's home etc. You may need to check that's officially OK.

If there's already a noticeboard in your area/estate which you dont yet have keys for, why not ask for 2 sets for your RA?

best wishes

Dave Morris
Secretary, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations

ps. At the end, below, is a statement that one local RA has put up on their noticeboard to explain what the board is for...


New notice boards funded by Haringey Council’s Making the Difference budget, have been installed at various locations in the borough.

This notice is to inform you of your obligations relating to the Community Notice board situated at _.

The notice board will be managed by your group and it is essential that the following instructions are adhered to. If this policy is not adhered to, Neighbourhood Management Services reserve the right to restrict access to the notice board.

On occasion, Neighbourhood Managers will also use the Notice board to display upcoming events. Below is a list of dos and don’ts in relation to the management of the notice board.

It is hoped that common sense will prevail in the maintenance of the notice board.

If you have any further queries about information that can be placed in the notice board, please do not hesitate to contact Area Assembly Budget Officer on 020 8489 4514.


Please refer to guidance notes when displaying literature in notice boards. These notice boards are for the benefit of residents and to promote local community events. However, it is NOT permitted to display documents/articles of the following nature:-

Any literature of a Party Political nature
No promotion of commercial and/or private business
No libellous material
No offensive or defamatory material
No material likely to generate hatred or to contravene the council’s equal opportunities statement
No advertising of Items to be sold

This above list is not exhaustive and the Council reserves the right to request the removal of any material which in its opinion is not appropriate.

The documents displayed must be vetted by the Residents Association managing the notice board. If you have an item that you would like to display and are unsure if the contents contravene any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact:

Neighbourhood manager on telephone number for further assistance.

The legal disclaimer detailed below will be displayed within all notice boards.

Material displayed on this notice board does not represent the views of Haringey Council, nor has the Council approved its content for display. The contents of the material displayed are monitored by the …………………..Residents Association.


This is our notice board

We use it to publicise and promote the activities, events and concerns of our association, and of other similar local community groups

The aim is to encourage community spirit and co-operation in our neighbourhood, and to ensure that local residents are informed about relevant matters

By agreement with the Council the notice board will not display any material that is Party political; commercial in nature; offensive or likely to generate hatred or discrimination; or any items for sale.

Any matters relating to this notice board can be discussed at our regular residents association meetings.