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Haringey Walks - Saturday Oct 1st and Sunday Oct 2nd

To all Haringey residents

On Sat October 1st and Sunday October 2nd, members of local Residents Associations and Friends of Parks Groups have organised a programme of free walks throughout the borough, to showcase our neighbourhoods, conservation areas and green spaces. The aim is also to promote health and fitness, social networking and fun!.
Just turn up and enjoy.

Full online details of the weekend programme: http://haringeyfriendsofparks.org.uk/walking_weekend_2016.php
Download the programme here: http://haringeyfriendsofparks.org.uk/pdf/walking_weekend_2016/guide/walking_weekend_2016.pdf

The Haringey Federation of Residents Associations and the Haringey Friends of Parks Forum have produced a range of walking guides, and a booklet of 5 cross-Haringey walks (10,000 printed). If you want a copy/copies then you can pick them up from libraries, the Big Green Bookshop [Unit 1, Brampton Pk Rd, N22 6BG] or from the info table in Lordship Rec Hub by the lake in Lordship Rec [N17 6NU].

Its all part of Haringey Year of Walking 2016, with financial and promotional support from Haringey Council. Full details of the Year of Walking can be found here: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/travel/walking/haringey-walks

Tuesday 10th May 2016, 7pm
Haringey's Residents Associations' General Meeting + Special Discussion
Exploring Haringey On Foot
Plus local reports and updates on strategic issues affecting all residents.
Reps and members of all local Residents Associations throughout Haringey are welcome!
7.15pm @ The Phoenix Millennium Centre on the corner of 386 West Green Road and Vincent Road, N15 3QL. The entrance is in Vincent Road and we are on the first floor. Venue unfortunately not accessible to wheelchairs. Info: 07952 165493

Exploring Haringey On Foot
These days there are more and more organised walks around and across the borough, many organised by Joyce (HFRA Chair) on behalf of the Federation, Haringey Friends of Parks Forum and Tottenham Civic Society. Now the idea has been taken up by the Council, declaring a Year of Walks in Haringey, to include our own initiative: 'The Walking Weekend' on 1st/2nd October. Residents are invited to organise their own local walks that weekend and we will compile and promote them all. [Send details, when finalised, to joancurtis@blueyonder.co.uk ]

Joyce will lead a discussion on the value of organised walks for discovering green spaces and urban nooks and crannies; promoting health, fitness and social interaction; understanding and appreciating local history and current issues; and linking up the east and west of Haringey.

Why not come along and add your thoughts about your favourite sites and routes, and pick up copies of our beautiful Walk Guides!

Haringey Tenants News - for Council tenants

Support Council housing - join the fight back by campaigners and residents of estates threatened with 'redevelopment'
Next campaign planning meeting:
Thursday October 9th, 6.30pm
at North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Rd, N17 6PY

Please read, print and distribute the bulletin below..

New Local Walk Guide launched!

A new walk guide which links two of Haringey’s most historic buildings has just been published by the Haringey Federation of Residents Associations and the Haringey Friends of Parks Forum. The walk goes through eight conservation areas as well as many parks and green spaces. Like our River Moselle walk guide published two years ago it crosses the borough from west to east. It enables people to see aspects of Haringey’s architectural and natural heritage of which they are often unaware.

Next month people will be able to obtain printed copies free from some local residents groups and friends of parks groups. In addition copies will be available for a small charge from Bruce Castle Museum, Hornsey Historical Society, Markfield Beam Engine and local independent bookshops.

There will be a free guided walk to launch the booklet on Sunday 15th June starting at 11am from the BBC tower at Alexandra Palace (W3 bus from Wood Green or Finsbury Park, alight at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink). We will arrive at Bruce Castle Museum at about 1pm where light refreshments will be available (people coming might wish to bring a packed lunch).

Stop Estate Demolitions!

Hands off our Homes!
Special Meeting: Thursday 10th April, 7.30pm
@ North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Road, N17 6PY

Haringey Defend Council Housing is organising this meeting as many Council estates are being considered for Sale or Demolition while Council officers 'Speed-date' property developers in London and Cannes!

Some Haringey councillors and officers want to 'improve' this borough by getting rid of council housing. To promote council housing sites to developers, Cllr Alan Strickland (Haringeys Executive member for housing and regeneration) went in March to Cannes, in the South of France to meet international real estate investors at the MIPIM event; while Michael Kelleher, Haringeys Head of Housing Investment and Sites, will be speed dating property developers at Sitematch London on 2 April.

Councillors insult us and our homes by saying social housing is detrimental in terms of creating a mixed and balanced community. But council housing works for us. Council tenants have the best housing rights and the most affordable rents in the housing market. Our secure, permanent tenancies make for stability and social inclusion; and we can hold our council landlord to account at the Ballot Box. We need more and better Council housing!

Haringey Council will be promoting estate reviews across the borough. If you live in one of these estates, the Council is considering demolishing your home, and redeveloping the estate to include private housing:

Helston Court/Culvert Road, N15 Watts Close, N15 Larkspur Close, N17
Turner Avenue / Brunel Walk, N15 Barbara Hucklesbury Close, N22
Tangmere, Willan Road, N17
Northumberland Park, N17 - 900 homes, including Waverley Rd, Blaydon Close, Haynes Close, Thornley Close, etc.
Imperial Wharf, N16
Leabank View/LemsfordClose, N16

And there's more:
Park Grove / Durnsford Road N11: possible demolition or sale to new landlord.
Tunnel Gardens / Blake Road N11: possible sale to new landlord.
Hillcrest N6: Possible use of housing land for private sector development.
Noel Park N22: Transfer of some homes to private sector housing association landlord.
Chesnuts/Hamilton/Tamar RdN15: Options review on transfer to a private sector housing association landlord.

The Council will tell you that they do not have the money to make your home decent, but this is untrue. As the Cabinet report of 28/11/13 admits (page 15), there is no funding gap in the Councils housing improvement program for 2013-2043.

We want improvements to our existing properties, not being moved from one place to another.
We demand investment in council housing, with Secure Tenancies and really-affordable rents!

What happens to residents whose estate is demolished? Council tenants may be offered a new home on the estate: with a Housing Association assured tenancy. Council tenants would lose some of their rights. A Judge may not have the discretion to refuse an eviction in the case of rent arrears, as they do with council tenants. The only alternative is to move to a council home much like your existing home, but elsewhere in the borough.

Private renters will be made homeless and will only be helped with re-housing if they are judged to be in priority need. Leaseholders will only get the existing market value of their homes (possibly plus 10%). Market values on regeneration estates may be lower than elsewhere in London, making it very difficult for displaced leaseholders to buy somewhere else.

Improvements not Demolition at Love Lane/Whitehall Street! The Council accepts that Council tenants at Love Lane/Whitehall Street are absolutely clear about wanting to remain with the Council, and do not want a new landlord (Consultation Feedback Report, p.33). However, according to a report for Haringey Councils Cabinet (28/11/2013), secure Council tenants will be offered a new home in the new development at the site, OR a council tenancy elsewhere in the Borough (p. 235). There is NO indication that new homes at Love Lane would be Council homes. According to the Council, many of the estate residents favoured an option that would lead to the demolition of the entire estate mainly to provide a new Wembley-style walkway to the Spurs ground. But if Council tenants and other residents had really known the implications of what is on offer, would a consultation have shown support for demolition plans? 4,000 people signed a petition in a local shop to oppose demolitions. Why are residents not being given the choice of improvements to their existing homes? Spurs will make millions from their new stadium, yet the Council has allowed them to abandon their obligations to pay £16.5m for the local area. They make plenty of money out of this community, so they can put something back in! What about bringing in concierges to help stop anti-social behaviour in the blocks? What about funding for new kitchens and bathrooms?

Lets stop this demolition, which is part of the plan to destroy Council housing, drive up rents, and make house prices unaffordable to local people. We need more and better Council housing!

These proposed changes are NOT inevitable. Lets speak out - and together, we can win!

Contact HDCH: paul959burnham@btinternet.com

Sunday 13th April
River Moselle walk from Wood Green to the River Lea
Meet 11am Outside Wood Green library, High Road, N22 6XD

This four mile walk will go through Noel Park conservation area, Lordship Recreation Ground (where the Moselle has been raised to the surface and landscaped), Tottenham Cemetery, Tottenham High Road (with its many listed buildings) and end at Markfield Park (the historic Beam Engine will be open). About two hours. Refreshments available at Pistachios cafe

Organised by the Federation

- creating our own Community Plans for local sites, facilities and neighbourhoods, and for Tottenham as a whole
Saturday 1st February
11am- 4pm, at Tottenham Chances
399 Tottenham High Road, N17 6QN

A conference organised by and for local residents...

Tottenham is a great place with a rich social and architectural history, made up of vibrant, diverse and talented communities. We want to ensure this continues!

We must challenge policies and practices that do not benefit the people of Tottenham. The Council, backed by property developers and big business, are promoting their Plan for Tottenham - mainly large-scale, profit-driven development, increased rents, more unaffordable housing, and the loss of some independent local shops and community facilities. Its not all bad but, unless challenged, this will seriously affect our lives and our communities, and rising rents will force many local people out of the area.

Together we are very powerful and can make our own plans. How do we do this? Thousands of Tottenham residents have campaigned and worked hard for years to improve their local areas and facilities. The conference will showcase and learn from some of the many inspirational examples of community-led regeneration of estates, parks, local facilities, and neighbourhoods.

In every neighbourhood throughout Tottenham we should support or create new community groups and campaigns which take action to: Defend community facilities and services; Stand up for decent & affordable housing for all; Support small businesses; Promote quality design and respect for heritage; Improve the street environment and green spaces; Support youth voices, services and facilities; Empower local communities

HEAR about inspirational and successful examples of community-led regeneration around Tottenham and London
DISCUSS what people can do in local neighbourhoods to develop their own community plans to improve their areas - and Tottenham as a whole

11.00am Registration. Then general introduction and background.
11.45am Successful Community Plans: Some inspiring examples from around Tottenham and London
12.30pm Workshops: What could be done throughout Tottenham?
1.30pm Workshops: How can local people create our own plans? The principles, practicalities, tactics and strategies
2.30pm Report-backs and proposals from the workshops
2.50pm Moving forward together: How do we start to develop an alternative Community Plan for Tottenham as a whole?

More info: www.ourtottenham.org.uk

Play Streets throughout Haringey

Haringey kids will be reclaiming their streets for fun under the community-led Play Streets project. The councils Cabinet has agreed to extend the scheme following a successful pilot project run by local parents this summer. Haringey Play Streets allows residents to apply for occasional road closures to allow children to run, skate, cycle, skip and hopscotch in safety and give neighbours the chance to get to know each other better.

Applications for Play Streets will be free to make, and information about the scheme is available online.


Defend Haringey’s ‘Social Housing’ Tenancy Rights

Please fill in the following simple consultation currently being organised by the Haringey Defend Council Housing campaign. Its about the Council wanting to bring in higher social housing rents and 5-year tenancies:
NO to time-limited Council / Housing Association Tenancies! YES to secure tenancies!
NO to ‘Near-Market’ Rents in Social Housing! YES to genuinely-affordable rents!

DEMONSTRATE at the Civic Centre, Monday 15th July, 6.30pm

Haringey Council’s new ‘Tenancy Strategy’ would mean much higher rents for many newly-let properties – and 5-year tenancies for most new Council tenancies, in place of the right to permanent Secure tenancies that we have now. Housing Associations will also be able to use 5-year tenancies instead of permanent tenancies. Tenants could be evicted after 5 years, after a ‘light touch’ office decision, with no recourse to a Court to challenge the decision.
Full information: http://haringeyhousingaction.org.uk/haringeys-social-housing-rights-under-attack/

Support over housing

With an ever-worsening housing crisis across Haringey and London caused by sky high rents and mortgages, government cuts and caps to benefits, and a dearth of available Council and social housing, now is the time for us all to support each other and take action to stand up for the rights of local residents to decent, affordable housing and to stay in their homes...

Residents Associations can play an important role in spreading useful information to our members and our communities, and in taking up these issues at our meetings.

Haringey Housing Action Group - for people to support each other, and to campaign for decent, affordable, secure, local homes for all. Fortnightly meetings on Fridays - next is Friday 12th and 26th April, 10am - 12noon @ Cafe Life, North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Rd, N17 6PL

Much more information on local news, campaigning, and advice guides for tenants


Haringey Pop-Up legal advice! Free and independent legal advice for housing problems - every Wednesday (brought to you by the solicitors and caseworkers at Hackney Community Law Centre). Free, independent and confidential legal advice service for people with housing problems - homelessness problems, possession proceedings, disrepair problems and illegal eviction problems. This is a special drop-in service every Wednesday between 10am and 5pm at the Haringey Irish Cultural and Community Centre, Pretoria Rd Tottenham, London, N17 8DX. Haringey Pop-Up! 020 8985 5236 www.hclc.org.uk

Challenge Bedroom Tax housing benefit cuts! Free legal toolkit to challenge Bedroom Tax housing benefit cuts (one month deadline to make a legal challenge)

1000 Mothers March

Protest against cuts, caps, hunger, evictions and fear...

1000 Mothers March for Justice
Saturday 13th April
Meet 11.00am, Tottenham Town Hall, High Rd N15 4RY

March up Tottenham High Road
Bring banners, buggies, children, family, colleagues and friends - all welcome

Cap rents not benefits
Axe the bedroom tax
Affordable homes for all - no evictions

Organised by 1000 Mothers March open planning group. Initiated by Taxpayers Against Poverty (TAP) and supported by:

Barnet Alliance for Public Services, Day-Mer Turkish & Kurdish Community Organisation, UCU at CONEL, Global Womens Strike, Haringey Alliance for Public Services, Haringey Defend Council Housing, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations, Haringey Green Party, Haringey Housing Action Group, Haringey Solidarity Group, Haringey Trades Council, Haringey UNISON, Holy Cross United Reformed Church, London Region National Pensioners Convention, Single Mothers Self-Defence, Socialist Women's Union, Socialist Workers Party, Somerford Grove Community Centre, St. Paul's C-of-E Tottenham, WinVisible (women with visible and invisible disabilities)

Our Tottenham

Planning & Regeneration for the Community
Residents' Conference on Saturday April 6th 2013
10am-4pm @ North London Community House, Moorefield Road, N17

The groups below are planning a conference to bring together the key local community groups and campaigns in Tottenham who are affected by the Council’s ‘Plan for Tottenham’ and other planning and regeneration issues. The idea is to work together and fight for our common interests, our neighbourhoods, our community facilities and for the needs of our communities throughout Tottenham.

Organised by the Our Tottenham network: Supported by (so far): Weir Hall Action Group / Bull Lane Playing Fields Campaign, Wards Corner Community Coalition, Lord Morrison Hall / Afro International, Friends of Lordship Rec, Love Lane Action Group, Tower Gardens Residents Group, Selby Centre, Living Under One Sun, Chestnuts Community Centre, Peoples World Carnival Band, Tottenham Concerned Residents Committee, Tottenham Civic Society, Haringey Defend Council Housing, Defend Haringey Health Services, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations, Haringey Housing Action Group, Find Your Voice, Haringey Solidarity Group, Day-Mer, Haringey Green Party, Haringey Alliance for Public Services

Our Tottenham Organising Group c/o ourtottenham@gmail.com #Our_Tottenham

Decent Homes for All


On Saturday 16th March nearly 60 Haringey residents met up to call for a fightback against Government housing policies threatening the homes of thousands of local residents
- public meeting calls for affordable, secure, local, decent housing for all
- local campaigning launched against the bedroom tax, benefits cap and other unjust measures
- 'social cleansing' condemned as local residents refuse to be forced out of their own borough by high rents and benefit cuts

The 'Decent Homes For All' public mini-conference in Wood Green Library was called by a number of residents' action groups concerned with housing issues. It brought people together to share their experiences and views about a whole range of shocking Government-driven attacks on local people's housing rights. These include the notorious bedroom tax, scandalous benefit cuts and cap, weakening of tenants rights, the undermining of access to Council housing, and much more.

The Council and also Housing Associations were criticised for going along with the Government, and for failing to defend the rights of tenants. Private landlords were roundly condemned for the ever-increasing rent levels, failure to provide secure tenancies, discrimination against those on benefits and general exploitation of local tenants. Local house prices and mortgages are unaffordable to most people, so even homeowners are struggling to pay their bills. This 'perfect storm' of totally unacceptable policies and practices is leading to a sharp rise in homelessness and overcrowding, and 'social cleansing' as local people are being forced out of their own borough.

Examples of action which came out of the discussions:
- spread information on people's rights and how people can access them... it was noted that 5,000 informative and agitational leaflets were distributed locally in the preceding 10 days
- get involved in, and strengthen, the existing local housing solidarity and action groups.... the 4 key groups are holding open meetings in the following fortnight [see below]
- ensure residents associations take up these issues and try to defend their communities
- join the growing local housing and benefits protests against the Government, Council, Letting Agents and private landlords... it was noted that 16th March was a national day of action against the bedroom tax with 57 localised actions across the UK
- campaign for the policies and practices people really need
- link up with similar campaigns around London and the UK

Taking action together:
- Haringey Private Tenants are meeting - to give and receive advice and discuss action for the benefit of all Haringey renters - on
Wed 3rd April 6.30pm @ Cafe Life, North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Rd, N17
- Haringey Defend Council Housing campaign promotes good quality Council housing for all who need it.
Next meeting is Tues 26th March, 7pm @ Cafe Life, North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Rd, N17
- Haringey Housing Action Group next meeting is 10am, on Fri 22nd March @ Cafe Life, North London Community House, Moorefield Rd, N17
- Haringey Solidarity Group have launched a campaign to Scrap the Benefits Cap.
Next meeting, Sunday March 31st, 2pm @ Cafe Life, North London Community House, Moorefield Rd, N17

Event organised by open planning meetings, supported by:
Haringey Housing Action Group, Haringey Defend Council Housing, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations, Haringey Private Tenants Group, Haringey Solidarity Group, Day-Mer, Taxpayers Against Poverty, Haringey UNISON, Haringey Trades Union Council, Haringey Alliance for Public Services

​Thousands march to save the Whittington

March 16th 2013

No to Haringey 'easyCouncil'

No to a 189,440pa Haringey job for Mr 'easyCouncil', the most controversial officer in Local Government... Defend Haringey's public services from cuts and privatisation

Lobby Council Cabinet, Tuesday October 16th, 5.45pm
Haringey Civic Centre, High Rd N22
Called by Haringey Alliance for Public Services

The Council's press office say: 'Haringey Council has appointed a new chief executive to help deliver its ambitions for the borough.' Its clear its not just about one person, but about the obscene cuts and infamous wholesale privatisation 'One Barnet / easyCouncil' policies he's been the main architect for in Barnet. Unfortunately Haringey Council have continued to work towards similar goals in our borough.

The Cabinet meeting is discussing whether to approve or reject the appointment. We are calling on them to reject not only the appointment but to reverse their current Haringey policies which threaten our local public services. Anti-cuts activists, community groups and trades unionists throughout the UK are continuing the struggle against Government 'austerity' measures - there is an alternative!

We call on all groups to bring their banners and placards and raise their demands.

We also call on all groups and campaigners to attend the next Haringey Alliance for Public Services meeting:
Defend Our Public Services: No to cuts and privatisation - the next steps for campaigners...
Wednesday 24th October, 7pm
At the North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Rd, N17

A meeting to plan coordinated action to defend our services in the light of the Councils's threat to employ Barnet's 'Mr easyCouncil' as the new Chief Executive here. Includes speaker from the Barnet Alliance for Public Services on the battle they have waged in our neighbouring borough. We will also discuss how to strengthen existing local campaigning.

HFRA Residents Events Bulletin, October 2012

Full details:

Sat 6th October, 9.30am - Haringey 40:20 Conference for a sustainable future
Sat 6th October, 12 noon - Private Tenants / Letting Agents Community Inspection / Protest
Tues 9th October, 7pm - Emergency: NHS in Danger. Public meeting to oppose cuts and privatisation
Sat 13th October, 10am - Homes For Haringey Residents Open Forum
Sat 13th October, afternoon - New community garden in West Green to be unveiled
Mon 8th / Tues 16th / Mon 22nd October - Haringey '100 Homes': saving energy & reducing fuel bills
Wed 24th October, 7pm - Defend Haringey's Public Services meeting
Until 26th October - Haringey's Waste and Recycling, Consultation/Scrutiny
Wed 7th November, 10am + 1pm - Haringey's Waste and Recycling, Factory Visits
Plus: Report of Lordship Rec Re-Launch Festival, 22nd Sept

Haringey's 'Forgotten' River Revealed!

- park users produce new pamphlet and organise successful walk to celebrate Haringey's 'forgotten' River Moselle and its new open section in Lordship Rec
- 80 attend residents Walk on Sunday 24th June

To celebrate the launch of the new River Moselle guide and the restoration of the river in Lordship Rec, 80 residents took part in a 6 mile walk on Sunday 24th June along the route of Haringey's 'forgotten' and mostly underground river. The walk was organised by the Haringey Friends of Parks Forum. It started from Queens Wood, Highgate at 10.30am (where particpants were able to view one of the Moselle tributaries which starts off as a trickle) and ended at Markfield Park by the River Lea at 4pm. On the way it stopped at many key points to hear about some of the history of the river, its features and its surroundings.

At the half-way point in Lordship Recreation Ground in Tottenham participants were able to stand on one of the 3 new bridges currently being installed in the park across the restored river channel. They were able to hear about and view the exciting changes underway there, including the restoration of the River Moselle through a new and stunningly-beautiful open river channel.

Joan Curtis, the Secretary of the Haringey Friends of Parks Forum (who also designed the Moselle Guide) said: " Its very exciting to see the Moselle at last getting the recognition it deserves as Haringey's forgotten river. We have produced our special walk guide to celebrate the restoration of the river in Lordship Rec, and so that residents will be aware of the river's history and its role as an important local watercourse.'

Note: The Haringey Friends of Parks Forum is the umbrella network for Haringey's 40+ Friends of Parks Groups, working to promote, protect and improve Haringey's public green spaces

Growing in Haringey!

Lets grow together more local food for health, soul and nature!

Growing in Haringey was set up in 2010 to provide support and co-ordination for the many community gardening and sustainable food growing projects in this borough and to promote the huge environmental, health and social benefits they create. A key aim is to increase local food production across all corners of Haringey, involving the whole population including in home gardens, schools, public parks and open spaces. To do this effectively, GiH need to be able to show the number of people and projects working on these lines here in Haringey, and show that a wide range of groups are backing GiH and what it stands for.

They are developing an effective borough-wide information-sharing, networking, support and advice body. Check them out and contact them to affiliate, show your support and get their updates!

Affordable Housing for All!

In opposition to Government cuts to housing benefits, we demand...

Calling all private tenants in Haringey

  • Is your rent too high?
  • Do you get enough Housing Benefit - has it been cut?
  • Do you want to see affordable housing for everyone, and rent-reductions (instead of evictions) for those unable to pay?

Come and find out about your rights and what you can do to stand up to your landlord. All private tenants and those wanting to support them are welcome.


Wood Green High Road, N22

Saturday May 26th, 2pm-4pm

Information stalls * Know-your-rights sessions * Discussions about what can be done

Includes refreshments & a small toddlers play area

Event supported by Haringey Housing Action Group, Haringey Solidarity Group, Day-Mer, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations, Haringey Alliance for Public Services, Haringey Defend Council Housing, The National Private Tenants Organisation

This special public event has been organised in response to the shocking Government-driven cuts to the housing benefits of thousands of Haringey private tenants (especially hitting people under-35, those with large families, and those in anything but the cheapest 30% of local available tenancies).

Unless landlords can be forced to lower their rents then these people and their families face eviction and possibly inability to afford anywhere in the borough.

Some of the key questions we aim to discuss at the event are....

  • How can private tenants get together to support each other, know their rights and find the strength to stand up for themselves?
  • What rights do tenants have if they cant pay / won't pay high rents?
  • How can we encourage people to support private tenants in defending their homes and their rights to a home, and in opposing evictions?
  • What pressure can be put on landlords, including specific landlords, to get them to lower their rents?
  • What can we learn from past tenants' struggles and housing rights gained?
  • Could we and should we demand a local maximum-rent level / rent-capping like existed up to the 1980s?
  • Is there a need for a Haringey Private Tenants Organisation or Action Group, like in some other north London boroughs?
  • What should the Council be doing to support such tenants and to provide housing to any made homeless?
  • What can be done in the longer term to campaign for longer tenancies and security of tenure agreements?

On May 3rd there's an open planning meeting to discuss the organisation of the May 26th event and how to publicise it widely throughout the borough (especially to private tenants). Publicity will include mass leafletting (contact us to let us know how many you need), doing street stalls, involving residents associations, word of mouth, posters, leafletting specific places to reach private tenants affected (eg hostels, CABs, customer centres etc), emails among local networks... please help spread the word!

The next planning meeting is at The Tollgate Pub - Thursday 3rd May, 6.30pm. 26 Turnpike Lane, N8 0PS. Please come along if you have some ideas and if you can help organise the event - eg help with publicity beforehand, interpreting at the event itself, donations towards the costs etc. If you dont know us look out for the leaflets on the table in the pub!

Contact: info@haringeyresidents.org 0208 216 9651

Housing info: www.haringeyhousingaction.org.uk Includes briefings on: 'Cuts to Housing Benefit - The Facts', and 'Non-payment of Rent - Your Rights'

Save Our Public Services!

Tuesday February 28th
6pm - Assemble Wood Green Library, N22.
March to Haringey Civic Centre for rally at 6.45pm
Organised by Haringey Alliance for Public Services


The Council is due to meet on Feb 28th to vote on a proposal to cut another £21m off our vital local services following the scandalous £40m cuts pushed through last year. This avoidable tragedy for Haringey residents is due to the Government's determination to underfund and undermine public services as they seek to force them to close or be privatised.

The deepest and most significant public spending cuts since the 1920s are creating widespread anger as jobs are lost and services reduced. It is unacceptable that vital public services are being sacrificed to bail out the bankers and banking system which caused the current economic crisis. We demand an end to their hundreds of billions of pounds of obscene profits, bonuses and tax avoidance scams.

However there is still everything to fight for. Throughout London and the UK local anti-cuts campaigns have mobilised to encourage local communities and workers to speak out. Over the last year in Haringey there have been many lobbies, marches, rallies, street stalls and protests - and many service user groups have organised and campaigned to defend their services under threat. In August HAPS co-organised a 3,000-strong 'Give Our Kids A Future' demonstration. Last year the TUCs national anti-cuts March for the Alternative attracted over half a million people the largest union-organised demonstration in British history. This was followed up in June and November by 2 million public sector workers taking industrial action to defend their pensions.

Recently over 1,000 people attended a local march to resist the Government's attempts to force 4 local primary schools to become 'academies'.

It is clear there is the will to resist the Governments programme of cuts and privatisation. We have called this local Haringey demonstration to show that the fight back continues. Councillors should stand up to the Government and demand adequate resources for Haringey.

Haringey Alliance for Public Services supporters include: Haringey Trades Union Council, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations, Haringey [LG] UNISON, Haringey [Health] UNISON, CoHENEL University & College Union, Day-Mer, Defend Haringeys Health Services Coalition, Haringey Friends of Parks Forum, the Sustainable Haringey network, and a range of other community groups, trade union branches and political organisations.

For more information check out our webpages and sign up there for updates, or contact: haps@haringey.org.uk


Friends Groups are appealling to residents to deluge local Councillors with the demand that they ensure a vote for additional resources next Monday, 21st November at the Full Council meeting at the Civic Centre. Please also come along and support the residents' anti-cuts lobby/assembly outside from 6pm, and the Friends Forum deputation/debate inside from 7.30pm. Note: Local Cllrs' emails can be found at: www.haringeyresidents.org/Federation+-+other+info+-+Cllrs+emai

Parks Crisis - emergency appeal to Cllrs regarding the need for a viable parks service

To all Haringey Councillors

At a 'Bridging The Gap' parks crisis summit meeting on 16th November called by Cabinet Member for parks Cllr Nilgun Canver and attended by Friends Groups, it was recognised by all present that the parks service is now seriously underfunded and currently unable to fulfil its obligations.

In fact, without immediate additional funding for the parks service 43 out of Haringey's 46 parks now have a zero maintenance budget, and barely any staffing at all (ie according to the parks service staffing chart just 2 staff to do 'hygiene/gatelocking/gang-mowing', 3.5 trained gardeners and 12 agency workers). There is also zero match funding available for applying for substantial outside funding streams. The 43 parks under threat include 14 of the 16 Green Flag parks, whose award is clearly under threat of removal if the Council continue to fail to honour their obligations to maintain them to the standards as set out in their management plans.

In the light of this clear crisis, Councillors will be asked by the Friends Forum next Monday to insist on immediate additional resources to be put into the parks service which will otherwise remain unviable.

Those Councillors who do not want to sit by and watch the borough's green spaces slide into neglect and dereliction - and to become problem areas - are asked to:

1. ensure there is a vote for additional resources next Monday (see the petition at the end, the text of which has prompted the first ever resident-led Council debate in Haringey)
2. contact the Friends Forum to express your support

Outrage over cemetery privatisation

Haringey Independent - Wed 19th October 2011

An environmental group has labelled the decision to privatise the running of Haringey's cemeteries as disgraceful. The plan to hand the day-to-day running of the cemeteries in Wood Green and Tottenham, and Enfield Crematorium to a private firm was agreed by councillors in November last year to save money, with Dignity plc winning the contract earlier this month.

Haringey Council said it decided on the move to avoid having to find at least 6.6m in the next five years to invest in the service to meet emissions targets and to find new burial plots.

But liaison group Sustainable Haringey a loose network of activists said that the sites are vital community spaces and that Dignity plc scored less than 20 per cent on biodiversity and conservation in the council's bid process.

Spokesman Dave Morris said: It's disgraceful that any of our public services are being threatened with privatisation, especially something as vital and sensitive as bereavement services and with no public consultation. We want cast iron guarantees about public access to the sites and to burial records, and the protection of green space and nature conservation.

The group also question the council's figures and is calling for the a halt to the transfer of management due to start early next year until a full public consultation on the plans has taken place.

The deal means that the borough will become the first in London to transfer cemetery management to a private contractor at a peppercorn rent and gives the company a 50-year deal to run the sites.

The bid was evaluated with an emphasis on the price of bids over quality, according to the council's report. Dignity plc the largest operator in the country, running 34 crematoria and four cemeteries says it will invest 2m in refurbishing the chapels and public areas at the three sites and 14 council staff will transfer to the provider next year.

Campaigners are particularly concerned about the conservation of Tottenham Cemetery in White Hart Lane, which opened in 1858 and covers 62 acres. The original graveyards of All Hallows Church is the oldest part of the cemetery and contains graves and tombs that are more than 400 years old some of the oldest in London.

Councillor Nilgun Canver, cabinet member for environment, said on Monday: Our facilities will get the capital investment needed to bring them up-to-date, but without drawing resources away from other front-line council services. On top of this, the borough is guaranteed an annual income, linked to inflation, for up to 50 years. This is a win-win deal for Haringey.

Residents will experience no change to the service and we have worked to ensure guarantees are in place to care for historic sites and protect biodiversity.

Petition forces parks debate

2,499 residents call for adequate staff and maintenance for Haringey's green spaces

The Haringey Friends of Parks 'No Parks Cuts' petition was completed this week. Following a photoshoot on the steps of the Civic Centre on Friday 16th September it was handed over by four Haringey Friends of Parks Forum reps [see quote below] to the Council on the eve of 'World Parks Day', Sat September 17th. 2,499 residents (including 724 on the Council's own website's 'epetitions' page) have called unequivocally for the 50% cuts to the parks budget to be reversed. This would halt the decline and neglect which Haringey's green spaces have been plunged into since the 1m green space budget cuts began to be implemented in April - eg. mountains of litter, flower beds abandoned to weeds, lack of on-site staffing, and much-needed maintenance works cancelled. Due to the growing strength and volume of residents protests and complaints since April the Council recently hired 8 additional staff for the afternoons and weekends - but just for some of the major parks and only for the summer period (until the end of September). The Haringey Friends of Parks Forum says that the borough's green spaces need adequate staffing levels all year round - the additional workers must be kept on!

The hand-over will trigger a 'future of our parks and green spaces' debate (over the petition text - see below) at the next full Council meeting, probably November 21st (details to be confirmed). This will be the first resident-initiated debate Haringey Councillors.have ever had to hold. We certainly hope they decide to listen to the borough's residents, reverse the disastrous cuts and instead ensure that all the green spaces they are responsible for are properly staffed, resourced and managed.

" Thanks to the overwhelming support of park users in Haringey we are today in the unprecedented position of handing in a petition which will force the Council to debate its policy of disastrous cuts to the parks budget. People have told us they are proud of, and value their welcoming and safe open spaces. Our parks are the most democratic of places where people from all sections of society can come together as equals enjoying the wide-ranging facilities. We don't want to see them degenerate back to the abandoned areas of neglect that many became during the late 1980's and 1990's and call on the Council to think again. "
- Chris Chadwick (Friends of Priory Park), for the Haringey Friends of Parks Forum

Give our kids a future!

3,000 march through Hackney and Haringey in response to the riots

On Saturday 13th August, 3,000 people of all ages and backgrounds, mainly from Hackney and Haringey, but with additional support from all around London, marched from Gillet Square, Dalston in Hackney, to Tottenham Green in Haringey. The march was organised and publicised just 2 days before by the hastily formed North London Unity Assembly initiated mainly by Turkish organisations and the Haringey and Hackney Anti-cuts Alliances.

The aim was to provide a united community response to the recent disturbances, especially those in Tottenham and Hackney, and to the causes of despair and frustration that can result in riots. The march was led all the way by a dozen children behind a huge 'Give Our Kids A Future!' banner, followed by a mass of placards and banners from a wide range of community groups, trades union branches and political organisations as well as hand-crafted placards from scores of individuals.

Up to 10,000 leaflets were distributed to the public. The march, which progressed without incident, finished with an 'open mike' rally outside Tottenham Town Hall. This consisted of short but heart-felt speeches from over 30 of the marchers explaining how they felt about the recent disturbances and putting forward their views on the way forward for a better future for our youth and for our communities generally.

The Unity Assembly is calling for a culture of valuing, not demonising, youth and unemployed people; support for those affected by the rioting, including the immediate rehousing of people made homeless, grants for affected small businesses, and restoration of damaged areas; reversal of all cuts to youth services in our boroughs; no cuts to public services, but instead, investment into community-led regeneration of our communities, including access for all to decent housing, jobs, education and sports facilities; an independent community inquiry into policing methods in our boroughs, and an end to discriminatory stop and search; and availability of legal support for all those people arrested by police.

Haringey Federation of Residents Associations

Tottenham riots - what next?

Some initial thoughts on what needs to be done

We would all do well to reflect on the events of last weekend, and think of all the things which need to be done to ensure support and resources from all quarters for the various sections of our communities affected by the events. This may be a long process and involve long-term positive thinking, sensitivity and care.

Support and action is likely to be needed to achieve the following, for example...

- rehousing and compensation for residents of homes which have been damaged/burned
- re-start grants for family businesses affected by looting/damage
- restoration of damaged buildings, including historic buildings
- repair to the High Road street scene
- adequate repair and maintenance of all neglected areas of Haringey
- promoting and achieving community-led regeneration and renewal of run down areas
- programmes to respond to anti-social behaviour and attitudes within our communities
- support and answers for the family and friends of Mark Duggan, and appropriate official action regarding the police officers involved
- repair to police/community relations, including an end to any discriminatory or oppressive stop and search against local youth and BME communities
- valuing not demonising our local youth
- addressing concerns over the effect on hundreds of local people, mainly young, facing serious charges and sentences, and what this will do to them, their families, friends and neighbours
- finding adequate resources for the rebuilding of the recently-decimated local youth services and other under-resourced wider youth-related services (eg access for all to further education, decent jobs and secure housing)
- finding adequate resources for the public services which our local communities rely on


Dave Morris, Secretary / Joyce Rosser, Chair [our initial personal views]

Wards Corner Victory!

Seven Sisters area demolition plan thrown out by Haringey Planning Committee

Campaigners are celebrating years of effort and struggle to protect the existing diverse family-friendly character of the West Green Rd shops and the Seven Sisters indoor market, to ensure that local traders, small businesses, surrounding communities and community groups are leading the renewal of this vibrant area of Tottenham - and to develop a genuine Community Plan for the area

A statement from the Wards Corner Community Coalition:

At 11.30pm on 20th July, Haringey Council's special planning subcommittee refused the application by developer Grainger PLC to demolish the block at Wards Corner in Seven Sisters, Tottenham, a site that is home to a number of well-established, independent shops, the Seven Sisters market and a street of residential properties. More than 100 people filled the gallery at Wood Green Civic Centre as the case for the plan was put to the committee.12 speakers representing traders, residents and local groups passionately and skilfully dismantled the arguments supporting the plan and demonstrated to the committee the clear reasons for rejecting the Grainger application.

A large shadow of doubt was cast over the Council's poor attempt at an Equalities Impact Assessment which failed to actually consult any of the people affected and as a consequence addressed none of the negative impacts that would arise from the scheme.

A sign that after years of tireless campaigning, local people were finally beginning to be listened to, the decision to reject the plan was based predominantly on the grounds that the supposed regeneration benefits resulting from Grainger's scheme would not outweigh the loss that would be caused by the demolition: a tacit acceptance by the council of the strength of the community on the site and the real viability of their proposals to achieve the improvements to the area everyone wants to see.

What lies before us is no longer a never-ending series of legal battles and policy challenges. Instead, we are approaching a broad horizon, a place where we can create the futures we want to see for ourselves and our communities. There is more work to do now than ever before but the balance is shifting in our favour.

The name Wards Corner is resonating in the ears of developers, councils and campaigns across the country, but the onus is on us to utilise this opportunity to bring forward the community-led plans we have always wanted for this site, to show that together we can realise the many varied aspirations of this community.

Next we will be continuing to develop ways to truthfully involve the entire community in the expansion of a plan for the entire site. Alongside this we'll also be exploring avenues of collaboration with various organisations and the council to ensure Wards Corner is developed in line with the aspirations of the community.

More info: www.wardscornercommunity.org.uk

Park Lovers Launch Protest Petition

.... [Please print out!]
..... [Please print out!]

Sign up direct online here - http://bit.ly/jtFrLD

Haringey Friends of Parks Forum is demanding 'No To Cuts In Haringey's Parks!'. As the Council consults over compulsory staff redundancies, park lovers launch a protest petition against 'unrealistic, irresponsible and destructive' cuts to staffing and budgets.

The Forum have called for the cuts to our green spaces to be reversed if they are not to be plunged into a serious decline in maintenance and management. [50% budget cuts (around 1m). And these massive and shocking cuts are to a budget that is already in the lowest quartile of the budgets for comparable boroughs.]. Already in the last few weeks many groups have reported understaffing and maintenance problems, including a growing failure to provide adequate staff to clear litter. And this is before the Council's threat of making further redundancies is carried out. [The Council is threatening another 15 compulsory redundancies to front line staff, on top of a loss of 5 'voluntary' redundancies and 8 unfilled posts. This would be a total of around 1 in 3 jobs lost to a department that is already understaffed.] Some local staff depots are also facing closure, or being leased out to Veolia for their street cleaning teams.

Parks staff, along with most Council workers, are currently being consulted on the Council's plans for compulsory redundancies - the Council decision is likely to be made on May 19th. Meanwhile members of the main Union, UNISON, have had a vote in all Council departments and are considering whether to take industrial action or not. As a contribution to the consultation exercise the Friends Forum have now produced a protest petition for all Friends Groups (see link above), including a message of support to parks' staff.

Now is the time to let the Council know what the public think! Park users are already beginning to take action - including an action group formed in Bruce Castle Park who've done their own petition to defend their staff and staff depot, a litter collection/photo press release in Markfield Park to embarrass the Council into action, something similar in Fairland Park, and loads of complaints about Chestnuts Park, Finsbury Park and Ducketts Common.

" We are appealing to the Council to use the current consultation exercise with staff to re-consider their position, and to reverse the unrealistic, irresponsible and destructive cuts to parks staffing and budgets. " - HFoPF

Save Haringey's Childrens Centres

No to 40% cuts! Petition launched.
How can the Childrens Centres of Haringey not count as a frontline service, supporting as they do some of the most vulnerable children in our country? This government talks of local choices, but in the case of Haringey Childrens Services this is unhelpful and irresponsible. The local council have been tasked with impossible decisions and are just scapegoats. The proposed 40% cut to the money spent on Childrens Centres is wrong.

We, the undersigned, believe that the proposed cuts and the substantial rise in childcare fees will: Destroy the structured and professional early years intervention that has been shown to make a significant difference since the introduction of Surestart in 2006... Negatively impact on the life chances and social mobility of Haringey children... Disproportionately affect working women with young children

We are parents, staff and users of the Childrens Centres, as a group we are not affiliated to any political party or union, we call on the Secretary of State for Education and his government to urgently review the impact of the cuts, and to withdraw this destructive policy.

Planning Controversies

At New River Village, N8 and Pinkham Way, N13, residents mobilise their communities and appeal for support. Full details



Haringey joined the 500,000-stong mass anti-cuts protest in Central London on Saturday March 26th. Many local residents and workers met up and went down together by tube to the national TUC demonstration...they joined the north london feeder march, which then merged with the massive national march. As well as the main march there were other protests all over Central London.

Report and updates from: Haringey Alliance for Public Services

Growing in Haringey

Over the last 2 years food growing projects throughout the borough have been mushrooming! The Sustainable Haringey network have been successfully promoting increased local food production and other related sustainable food policies and practices (as well as sustainable energy, transport, waste, homes, lifestyles, skill sharing etc - and strong and active local communities). Read the report of the recent Sustainable Haringey Spring Gathering 2011 here.

Save Our NHS - Dispel the Myths

Public Meeting
Thursday March 17th - 7.30pm
Wood Green Christian Centre
24 Lymington Avenue, N22 6JA (just off the High Rd)
Full disabled access & facilities. Pedestrian access is from Wood Green High Road, south east of The Mall.
Organised by the Better Local Healthcare Campaign (BLHC).
Supported by Haringey Federation of Residents Associations (HFRA) and Haringey Alliance for Public Services.

Speakers: Dr Kambiz Boomla (Tower Hamlets GP) - Sue Hessel (Local Campaigner, HFRA) - Colin Leys (Author of "The Plot against the NHS

Federation Bulletin

March 2011 is Action Packed with important events organised by local people!
Why not read the Bulletin...

Speak up for our NHS

NHS campaigners from the the Better Local Healthcare Campaign recently organised a 200-stong 'Is This The End of The NHS?' public meeting held in Muswell Hill. They have followed this up, with a planning meeting to oppose the break up, privatisation and cuts to the NHS. More details

Haringey Civic Centre Occupied

Hundreds of residents and workers turn out to defend local public services
Info: www.hapsnews.net Photos: http://london.indymedia.org/articles/7575

Haringey Civic Centre was occupied on Thursday 24th February by hundreds of anti-cuts protestors for 2 hours. The angry residents were calling on the Council to refuse to implement savage cuts to vital public services.

The occupation followed a huge protest rally outside the Civic Centre, in which a wide range of diverse groups of all ages and interests from Haringey's local communities demonstrated their concern to stand up for their local services and facilities. Among the demonstrators were large contingents of children from threatened play schemes, older people defending vital drop-in centres, trades unionists, turkish activists and many community organisations.

Councillors were forced to abandon their meeting when protestors stormed into the Council Chamber and took it over - shouting 'No Cuts' and 'Whose Town Hall? Our Town Hall'. They then held their own meeting. After police finally forced residents to leave, the Council held their meeting. At the reconvened meeting, there were presentations to the Councillors from representatives of the Haringey Alliance for Public Services (whose delegation included reps from the Haringey Federation of Residents Associations, Haringey UNISON, Haringey Friends of Parks Forum, Haringey Forum for Older people and the North London Community House) and members of the Save Haringey's Youth Services campaign (see below). Despite heartfelt and persuasive calls to save front-line services for older people, youth, and the borough's green spaces the Council unfortunately voted through the brutal government-driven cuts, the worst the borough has ever known.

The Haringey protests received national publicity and are part of a pattern of similar mass protests all over the UK in recent weeks as local residents and communities try to defend their local services. The grass roots movement continues grow and the Government is gradually being forced onto the defensive. If the pressure continues to increase, the Government can be forced to reverse its unacceptable and now discredited cuts programme.

Haringey Youth speak out!

- they demand that youth services and centres be saved

Young people of Haringey stood proud as they morally embarrassed their politicians on Thursday (24th Feb, Civic Centre) who were deciding on the 75% cut to the youth service. Cllrs Reith and Goldberg who have always claimed that they were consulting young people had the record set straight with the truth from the young people they claimed they consulted. Symeon Brown and Fumni Abari [who is the UK Youth Parliament Rep for LONDON] gave two elequent speeches that will be viewed as a historical moment for young people across the UK.
Both Symeon and Fumni spoke at the Haringey full council meeting in what can be described as the most important day of the borough's 40 year existance. Their speeches were part of the Save Haringey Youth Services campaign (of 2,000 local teenagers) to stop the council from cutting the budget to the youth service by 75% which was being decided upon by politicians during the meeting. Haringey Youth Service currently runs over 21 projects to over 4400 teenagers across the borough including 13 youth centres [8 of which had already been closed by the council in the last 6 months] and the Haringey youth council.
In his speech Symeon challenged the council on the proposal of 75% cut:
" When you take away our youth services, you take away our mental and psychological support our youth workers provide. When you take away our youth services, you take away our opportunity to develop our skills in a safe place rather than on the streets where many of us have DIED"
"What is most disgusting is that your budget has been cut by £250million to £200millon, that is 20%... thats £2 in every £10 lost, but our budget has been cut by SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT, that is £7.50 in every £10.... what is left? do your young people deserve crumbs?"
"The arguement that you put forward a consultation is not true! How can you make such drastic cuts without even consulting young people, the service users? We have called for many a consultation, furthermore we asked for an impact assessment. You ask us to express our views but how can we make decisions on things we know not? Cllr Reith said this week, it is my job to hear the arguement before I decide... surely us as the demos, must also hear the information before WE decide and express a view that is actually correct! So we need the information and we have asked for too many times and are yet to recieve"
"What I find most distressing is that this is a Labour run council... WHO ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? What has happened to the belief in society mobility? Safety of our young people? We really struggle and we need our politicians to understand our story and to represent us properly!"

"NO decision can be made, until we have a thorough consultation, where we have seen an impact assessment and we have been consulted properly!" "I think that the way we have been shortchanged nationally is disgusting, but locally I expected better! "
"I feel it is a great shame, that in this chamber what we are witness possibly tonight, so I ask you to think about all of the young people and I ask you do not condemn them to a poverty trap that is all so real. I think that it is horrible that at a local level we condemn young people by a 75% cut... THAT IS WRONG!"
"Youth services are a form of SAFEGUARDING the community from deprivation, from crime, from low mobility. So if you BELIEVE in safeguarding, which I hope that you do, considering what we have been through in this borough... then you would understand the VALUE of our youth services. So you should rethink such drastic cuts.... or at least think before you take a picture saying you believe in them, CLLR REITH!"
Cllr Goldbergs attempt to divert from the issue of the 75% asked Symeon about what the group thought about the cuts to EMA. Symeon responded "If this council is so conscious about cuts at national level, then why are they enforcing it even HARDER at local level.. This for us is a concern, because at national level we have a Tory led government so we expect that at national level... at local level? WHATS YOUR EXCUSE?"

Govt. Minister challenged over housing

Full report

The Government 'Equalities' Minister was lobbied and challenged in Haringey over Government threats to cut housing rights and Housing Benefit. Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone MP - challenged to oppose Government policies which discriminate against tenants and their families, and which she had opposed when in opposition - agrees to 'take up these concerns with the relevant ministers'.

Four Haringey Council tenants met Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, and Equalities Minister, at her constituency surgery at Hornsey Library on Friday, 18 February. The four included representatives of Haringey Defend Council Housing and the Haringey Federation of Residents Associations.

We wanted to discuss the Government's controversial proposed cuts to Housing Benefit, the introduction of time-limited tenancies with near-market rents for some new council and housing association tenants, cuts to the Decent Homes programme of improvements to council housing, and the disastrous affects housing benefit caps would have on private tenants.

Lynne Featherstone did not rush to explain or defend her own government's housing policies. Indeed, she claimed that her views had not changed since she signed Parliamentary Early Day Motions in 2006 and 2007 in which she committed to actively oppose "both the stigmatisation of council housing as housing of last resort and proposals to means test or time-limit secure tenancies", and to suggest that "direct investment in decent, affordable, secure and accountable council housing is now essential'. These commitments she made are now being diametrically opposed by the Government she is now part of.

However Ms Featherstone also argued that the Housing Benefit cuts had been misreported, and had been wrongly described as 'ethnic cleansing'. We replied that this government has dropped New Labour's policy objective of 'creating mixed and balanced communities' in favour of excluding poor people from mixed-income neighbourhoods, and that this could be fairly described as 'social cleansing'.

Ms Featherstone said that some people in council housing no longer had any need for it. We argued that secure housing is essential to sustainable communities, and asked what would happen if a tenant was evicted because they had found work by the end of a two-year tenancy then lost their job. Would they go to the back of the housing queue? Ms Featherstone said that was a worrying point she had not heard before and would have to think about.

Ms Featherstone said that Labour's promises on the Decent Homes programme could not be delivered upon because 'there's no money'. This led to angry exchanges about the rich, who have no shortage of money, and Government financial policies favouring corporations and banks.

We argued that as Equalities Minister, Ms Featherstone should be concerned about - and indeed actively opposing - housing policies that adversely and disproportionately affect and discriminate against poor families.

Ms Featherstone promised to provide answers to the points we had raised with her. We said that was not enough. If she agreed with us, she should lobby against these policies inside the government. We mentioned the proposed council rent rise of 2009, when tenants argued with Councillors, Councillors raised their concerns with MPs, and MPs then convinced the Minister to cut the rent increases in half.

She seemed unaware and shocked at the extent and impact that her Government's plans would have on hundreds of thousands of tenants and their families, and promised to 'take up your concerns with the relevant ministers for housing and benefits'.

A group of over a dozen housing campaigners remained outside the Library during the surgery. They gave out anti-cuts leaflets and held posters 'Thatcher was the milk snatcher, Cameron and Clegg are the house snatchers' and 'Lynne Featherstone, shame on you for turning blue'. Afterwards, the delegation reported back to those outside, and it was agreed to continue raising housing issues in the Haringey Alliance for Public Services (HAPS) local anti-cuts campaign.

Parks Friends oppose cuts threat

On 5th February Haringey Friends of Parks Forum published an open letter calling on all Haringey Councillors to withdraw the threat of massive cuts to parks budgets, including a shocking 50% cut to management and maintenance resources and staffing. Open letter

1,000 attend march and rally

Haringey residents and workers turned out in force on January 17th to defend local public services under threat. 700 marched from Ducketts Common (called by Council unions), and 3-400 rallied at the Civic Centre (called by the Haringey Alliance for Public Services) for speeches and chanting. 200 then went into the public gallery to support protest speeches by HAPS/Union deputations to the assembled Councillors. More info: www.hapsnews.net

Resist Govt. attacks on housing rights

HFRA statement, 21.12.2010 regarding Government proposals/consultation for social housing

The Government is circulating a consultation paper ‘Local decisions; a fairer future for social housing’. The Government's proposals fail to deal at all with any of the key issues affecting the millions of people in need of decent and secure housing, such as the lack of enough social housing for all who need it, and the ludicrous cost of homes to rent or buy.
They fail to propose any effective action eg insisting that new builds are predominantly social housing (with adequate policies and investment to ensure this) rather than high-profit unaffordable luxury properties, bringing back 'fair rent' rent caps on private rented housing (which would save billions of public money being wasted on subsidising landlords via housing benefit payments), and reducing mortgaging problems and high house prices.
Instead they propose to attack the principles which underpin social housing - available and secure for all who need. The consultation can be found on www.communities.gov.uk/documents/housing/pdf/1775577.pdf

Dave Morris - HFRA Secretary

Council cuts crisis update

- many vital services under threat
HFRA statement, 221.12.2010

Following the Government spending review, and reduced allocations to local authorities all over the country, the Council is currently discussing implementing the largest raft of cuts to local public services in Haringey's history. If allowed to go ahead unchallenged this will result in horrific cuts to vital public services, some of which are identified in the newspaper article below. Its not just cuts, but also fee increases for use of services. [It may be worth noting the ridiculous threat of a 3,750% increase from £60 to £2,250 to pay for a road closure for a street party!]

The Full Report going to the Cabinet meeting tonight (Tuesday 21st) can be viewed at:

There will be a major lobby/protest of the next Full Council meeting on Monday 17th January, 6.45pm at the Civic Centre. This is backed by the Federation, and all those who live or work in Haringey are being urged to attend. We must let all Councillors and the Government know the strength of feeling about protecting our local services and welfare state which generations before us worked so hard to campaign for and build up. More info (and to sign up for updates): www.hapsnews.net

Dave Morris - HFRA Secretary

Old peoples homes and day centres to close as council funding axe falls

Tottenham Journal - Monday, 20 December, 2010
OLDER peoples homes and day centres are facing mass closures as Haringey Council announces the largest funding cuts in its history.

Haringey has set out in stark detail the scale of closures facing the borough as £87million is wiped from budgets over the next three years.

FOUR older peoples homes providing residential care for pensioners will be closed across the borough and SEVEN drop-in and day centres providing vital social contact and support for older people will also be shut, along with a mental health crisis unit and a mental health day care centre.

Jobs are set to go at libraries and Tottenhams Bruce Castle Museum and some council managers will be axed saving £2.5million alone.

At the other end of the scale, free tea and coffee vending machines in council offices will be scrapped, saving £50,000 annually, and allotment fees will rise by 9 per plot.

The council released detailed plans for more than £28million of savings between 2011 and 2014 on Friday (December 17).

But that is less than a third of the cuts needed to balance a £87million black hole in the budget over the next three years. Further measures will be announced in the New Year.

The Government is making Haringey find more than half of the savings - £46million - in the next year alone, with further cuts of around £20million in each of the following two years.

Labour Councillor Joe Goldberg, cabinet member for finance and sustainability, said: The overwhelming speed and scale of the Governments cuts have left us with little room for manoeuvre we have to make some incredibly tough decisions and we have to make them very quickly or they wont have a great enough impact on next years spending.

Haringey is one of the most deprived boroughs in the country, and yet we are facing some of the harshest cuts as the Government shifts resources to more affluent areas.

The impact of the cuts on Haringeys spending power is, for example, more than 3,000 per cent higher than the impact on Dorset County Council.

The councils cabinet will consider the first wave of cuts at a meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday, December 21) before they are put out for consultation.

The council says it will prioritise back office efficiency and explore sharing services to prioritise cash for those most in need, but services for older people are revealed as the hardest hit in the first wave of cuts.

  • Cranwood Older Peoples Home in Muswell Hill and Broadwater Lodge Older Peoples Home in Tottenham will both be closed saving 1.1 million.

  • Red House Residential Care Home in South Tottenham, which provides care for dementia patients and the frail, will close saving 714,000.

  • Whitehall Residential Home in Tottenham, for people with learning difficulties, will close saving 237,000.

  • Four drop-in centres for older people will close saving 234,000 - Abyssinia Court in Crouch End, Willoughby Road in Hornsey, The Drop-in Centre at The Irish Centre in Tottenham, and Woodside House in Wood Green.

  • The Haven Day Centre in Tottenham, for people with physical disability and sensory impairment, to close, and The Grange Day Centre in White Hart Lane, Tottenham, to merge with The Haynes Day Centre in Crouch End, saving 234,000.

  • Woodside Day Centre in Wood Green, used by 45 vulnerable older people, will close saving 149,000.

  • Jacksons Lane Luncheon Club will lose 10,000 for a part time staff member, leaving its future unclear.

The closures will result in the complete loss of day care services for older people across the borough, except for dementia sufferers, and the councils in-house home care service, offering personal care to vulnerable adults, will also cease saving 1.06 million.

Other services across the council facing cut backs include:

  • Some council managers axed, saving 2.5 million.

  • Connexions careers advice service for vulnerable young people reduced by 75 per cent saving 1.64 million.

  • Staff cuts at libraries and Bruce Castle Museum saving 384,000.

  • Reduced response to noise complaints, including stopping out-of-hours response service, saving 180,000.

  • Cutbacks in mobile phone use by council staff saving 150,000.

  • Review of translation services saving 124,000.

  • No free tea and coffee in council vending machines saving 50,000.

  • Allotment charges to rise by 9 a year, earning an extra 22,000.

More than 1,000 jobs are at risk and redunancy costs are likely to cost the council in the region of 10-20 million.

Consultation has begun with staff likely to be affected and a voluntary redundancy scheme has been set up.

Further savings plans are being drawn up and will be revealed in January and a balanced budget for 2011-2012 must be agreed by the Full Council in February.

Note:Council statement: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/index/news_and_events/latest_news/budget-reductions.htm

Lobby all Councillors to oppose cuts

Monday 22nd November, 6.30pm, Civic Centre, N22


Cemeteries controversy grows

Borough-wide residents organisations oppose the Council Cabinet's plans to privatise our public cemeteries and crematorium, and instead call for public consultation.

Full statement

Youth fight to save youth centers

Press Release from the Save Haringey’s Youth Centres Campaign, 14.11.2010

A group 300-strong of young people from Haringey who use the council’s youth centers have come together to form the Save Haringey Youth Centres (SHYC) campaign to save their youth projects from the council cuts. The campaign started a month ago and so far they have over 1,000 signatures on their petition, they have met with the leader of the council Claire Kober and they will be meeting with the chief excutive this Thursday 18th Nov.
The group have created a facebook page which has got over 400 supporters within 2 days of it starting. the group have also put in a request to the council for statistics and information under the freedom of information act.
Young people feel very passionately about the youth clubs that have already closed in bounds green and stroud green which the group also want reopened. the group are worried for the young people who are disabled and only have the youth club to come to. the group undertook a survey where young people and parents all took part which showed that they cared about everything they would lose if the clubs closed like ‘Exposure’ magazine, the youth work apprenticeship programme, counselling, sports tournaments, sexual health advice, jobs and colleges help, uk youth parliament and youth council, sexual health, national sports tournaments, duke of edinburgh awards, counselling and the arts awards.
The group are represented in bruce grove, muswell hill, wood green, and bernie grants youth centers but more young people are joining the campaign from campsbourne, hornsey, bounds green and west green youth clubs which have already closed down.

Haringey's listed buildings

Full list

There are two sorts of listed buildings: a) those listed by English Heritage (graded Grade 1, Grade 2* and Grade 2). These are known as "nationally listed". They have statutory protection. b) those that are listed by the Council as being "buildings of merit". These are known as "locally listed". Although they have little extra protection, it means their value is publicly acknowledged.

Details of both lists can be found on the Haringey Council website. The Council's Conservation Department has recently compiled a list (see link) of proposed additions to the local list. Some of these buildings have been included following recommendations made by local individuals or groups. The Federation is lobbying for the heritage value of all of these important buildings to be recognised.

Joyce Rosser, HFRA Heritage & Conservation Officer

Threat to Haringey's Cemeteries?

Full report

- Should we allow the Council to dispose of our Crematorium and Cemeteries?
- Why have the public not been consulted about this controversial and far-reaching proposal?
- Why are the key secret reports guiding the plans 'exempt from disclosure'?

On 6th July the Federation discovered that the Council was planning to privatise the management of the borough's cemeteries and the crematorium. No-one seemed to know anything about this sudden plan. There also seemed to be a dispute between the Council's Chief Executive who wished to dispose of all 3 sites, and the Department that manage the sites (Recreation Services), who wished to keep the 2 cemeteries but dispose of the crematorium (owned by the Council but sited in Enfield).

Following our objection that there had been no consultation about this, and consequent publicity in the press, the Council agreed to defer the matter. However, the Council has failed to carry out ANY public consultation on this controversial and important proposal for such sensitive public services. It has now reappeared on the Cabinet's agenda for a final decision. In addition the key reports (including the Options Appraisal and other reports by consultants) upon which this proposal has been supposedly based are being kept secret as they are 'exempt from disclosure'.

If you are concerned
- contact local Councillors now
- contact Council leader: claire.kober@haringey.gov.uk + Cabinet member for Recreation Services: dilek.dogus@haringey.gov.uk
- email the Parks Service at parks@haringey.gov.uk
- attend the Cabinet meeting on Tues 16th November

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