Minutes of Haringey Allotments Forum - 17th April 2010

Present: Alexander Palace site (3 reps), Creighton Avenue (2), Elmar Road (1),
Fortis Green (1), Golf Course (1), Marsh Lane (1), Quernmore Road (1), Rectory Farm (1), Shepherds Hill (1), White Hart Lane (2), Wolves Lane (2); Haringey Recreation Services (Alex Fraser, Ian Holt, John Morris from 11am). Apologies: 3 people

Minutes of 9th January – matters arising

1. Alex to provide water bills for all sites to the Committee to monitor costs and usage and report back to the Forum
2. The Tenancy Management Procedures have been modified so now the Allotments Office will only offer a tenancy after receipt of proof of new tenant's postal address
3. Alex to ask Allotments Office to assist existing tenants hoping for a plot on a preferred site to stay on the waiting list, on condition they give up their existing plot when their preferred site becomes available.
4. Laminated signs re bonfire guidelines are available on request from Allotments Office

Annual elections for Forum Committee

7 nominations were received and the Committee was duly elected; at its first meeting, it will select the Forum chair from its membership, and go on to support and hold to account the Forum chair between Forum meetings.

Allotment Briefing

1. The Forum welcomed the £150k capital funding agreed for Asset Improvement works for 2010/11 (and the proposal for an additional £50k for 2011/12 subject to member approval during the budget setting process); the Forum expressed its appreciation to the Recreation Service for its good work
2. Site secretaries to see written specifications for works on their site, and all work to be inspected afterwards with site secretary present.
3. Asbestos - inspections programme to continue, some sites need to be re-surveyed.
4. Tenants who didn't sign and return the new tenancy agreement were advised by letter to contact Allotments Office by 23rd April, or their tenancy would be terminated.
5. Anyone with useful experience or good ideas about managing public liability on allotments to pass them on to the Committee
6. Alex to circulate draft Best Practice Guidelines for the Management of Allotments and draft Starter Pack for New Tenants for comment
7. Haringey Nature Conservation Officer Ian Holt introduced the new Biodiversity Action Plan which includes a Habitat Action Plan for Allotments.; 13 allotment sites are designated Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation, and the Council wants to work with associations to increase wildlife habitat, eg ponds and hedges; contact Ian.Holt@Haringey.gov.uk for details
8. Agreed wording for official notices - "No unauthorised access", "Further info: Allotments Office ph no & web"; "Dogs to be kept on leads", "Keep gates locked"; Alex to send revised template to the Committee for approval
9. Alex to reword his draft guidelines for beekeeping and present them to the next Forum
10. Compost give-away day scheduled for Saturday 22nd May
11. Alex and John to follow up parking enforcement by requesting white lines at problem site entrances.

Fostering Site Associations

John agreed to offer up to 2 rubbish collections per site per year to tie in with site clearance days organised by sites / associations.

Sustainable Haringey

The Forum was updated about the consultation on the Local Development Framework which will shape the borough's future for the next 15 years. The Forum should press for a commitment to increasing the provision of allotments, particularly in areas of deficiency, and it would be helpful if people could identify potential suitable sites.

Next Forum meeting: July 10th, then Oct 9th.