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We are facing extreme pressures from private and corporate developers and town planners leading to a range of concerns & problems, and pressure on an already inadequate social infrastructure (schools, health facilities, parks, public transport, community centres and other facilities etc).

Throughout Haringey there are an ever-growing number of residents’ objections, campaigns & controversies over proposed local developments.

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Residents’ concerns include the following problems - the results of current Haringey and London-wide development policies.
          • loss of heritage and conservation features
          • unwanted over-development
          • over-intense housing development - maximum densities were tripled from 1998 – 2006
          • vast majority of housing development is unaffordable to local people in need - last year only 11% of 624 homes completed were social housing, despite this being ‘justification’ for unacceptable policies
          • loss of valued ‘backlands’ sites
          • loss of undesignated but important open space
          • failure to address open space deficiencies
          • lack of children’s play facilities
          • poor project design
          • loss of community facilities eg. healthcare sites, local shops, meeting places & community pubs
          • loss of publicly-owned land
          • stress and competition over availability of land generally in the borough
          • loss of front gardens - concerns include the quality of street scene, pedestrian safety, flooding etc
          • increasing pollution - visual, air and noise
          • illegal advertising hoardings and billboards
          • street clutter
          • increasing traffic, undermining the need for safer, greener, ‘living’ streets
          • lack of resources for maintenance & improvement of public facilities, buildings & services

Everyone now recognises that we must have environmentally and socially sustainable communities, yet despite many good sentiments, planning policies are not effective in protecting the interests of local communities. The reasons include:

- The policies themselves
- The interpretation of the policies
- Failure to commit to, and enforce, key policies which are supposed to protect community interests (eg social infrastructure, housing density limits, heritage etc) when contrasted with other policies (eg house-building and large scale development)
- Enforcement of conditions and agreements
- The lack of a level playing field between local residents & well-resourced developers
- The reliance on S106 payments, instead of actual planning gains
- Objectors denied their right to appeal, unlike developers
- The need to listen to, genuinely consult, and empower communities instead of giving increasing power to the Mayor and central government

Hence we object to some of the current policies, call for a range of improvements, and support local community campaigns which address these issues.

More details, and updated news and documents will be added shortly....


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